Volunteer Researcher – Artificial Intelligence

We are looking for a policy maker, with a good understanding of the tech industry, and an A’ grade relation with artificial intelligence theoretics.

Department: Policy Research
Project Location(s): Remote
Education: High-School Degree
Compensation: Volunteer


Candidates can look forward to regular research, a role in policy making and proposal writing/methodology creation on topics concerning the future of artificial intelligence on a conceptual level. Some of your responsibilities include:

  • Assisting senior researchers
  • Providing legal and scholarly research
  • Gathering data & creating reports
  • Creating proposal-level research papers


  • Limited experience at consultancy preferred
  • Great interpersonal communication skills
  • Keen eye for spotting data trends
  • Great analytical skills
  • A keen grasp of information technology
  • Professional demeanor
  • Personal accountability and strong work ethic
  • Professional, able to interact with vendors/clients
  • Positive, “can do” attitude.

Contact us at the Altruistic Solutions office or submit a business inquiry online.

We were amazed at how fast and easy they understood our project and vision and helped us realize that the future is closer than we think.

Alexey Gorbachev
Founder & CEO, Zenome

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