Policy Research

Unlike many other policy research firms, that create solutions bringing short-term profit, while discharging the functionality of the company in the future, we focus on objective analysis to ensure we create a long-term solution that will solve your problem and your hands at the same time.

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ALSOL Think Tank

ALSOL Think Tank is a special policy research task force compiled to investigate possible problems in the current hi-tech, financial, and geopolitical sectors, analyze them and create immediate, innovative, and sustainable solutions based on history, a complex cluster of data centers, and cutting-edge technological advancement’s fruits.

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Audit & Assurance

An excellent Audit service is necessary for any company to be financially sound. Our Audit & Assurance services ensure that there is no mistake or wrongdoing in your company undetected.

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International Business Opportunities

The global markets are shifting, now more than any other time. We are here to help your business stay relevant with the passage of time, integrating the latest marketing strategies and technologies generated to suit your respective scenario.

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Modernization (Tech Integration)

Technological advancement has never been on a surge like the one it’s experiencing today. From logistics, and fleet management, to production automation and AI integration, we are here to help you understand and utilize cutting-edge technology in order to be relevant and competitive in the new era of digital transformation.

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Business Turnaround

Whether you’re struggling with understanding current trends, or envision what’s yet to come when it comes to technological advancement, Altruistic Solutions is here to help you realize your company’s best potential and utilize your physical and digital resources with maximum efficiency.

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We were amazed at how fast and easy they understood our project and vision and helped us realize that the future is closer than we think.

Alexey Gorbachev
Founder & CEO, Zenome

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