Andronikos KoulisCo-Founder, and EU West Director.

areas of expertise
  • Policy Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Hi-Tech Integration
  • Psychology
  • Linguistics
  • Political Sciences, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Social & Behavioural Psychology, Tilburg University

Andronikos is one of our founding fathers and the director of Altruistic Solutions’ EU West department. As a social psychologist who is opting out to combine and evolve the perspectives of this field with pioneering psycholinguistic research, Andronikos is an excellent coach and strategist, using cutting-edge interpretation techniques and hermeneutics to help your business stand out while focusing on creating tailored solutions based on intellect, technology, media and mentality that represents your business.

With the help of the AI we could figure out the underlying mechanisms of the construct of Language, as in how the mankind evolved to acquire this trait and how this trait actually works both at the physiological and psychological levels.

Before joining Altruistic Solutions, Andronikos have changed a significant amount of geo-locations within the broader European Area, in order to meet and understand various social and psychological differences ranging between modern cultures.

In 2016, he moved to Tilburg, Netherlands in order to pursue his vision of creating a brand-new modern, and efficient way of verbal communication, based on history, current trends, and future needs.

Andronikos is considered to be very charismatic with intellectual creations, being able to objectively analyze, understand, and influence a live situation using nothing more than a few specific words under a specific arrangement.

contact details

+31 (0)64 9044 664
Wandelboslaan 40, 5042PD, Tilburg, The Netherlands

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