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Zenome is a Russian bioinformatics firm that utilizes blockchain technology to help you store, distribute, and monetize your personal genomic and/or other medical data in an encrypted fashion.

The Zenome Platform allows you to upload your genetic tests to the ledger, and choose who shall possess accessibility rights to them. Sometimes your data will be requested by various medical research institutions or firms, and only if you choose to share your data, they will be available for the individual request, while you are getting paid in ZNA, the native currency of the platform, which allows you to buy medical data, or shift the currency into ETH or any other modern digital asset.


The biggest challenge was that the society back in 2017, and even early 2018 would consider anything related to blockchain be the same as Bitcoin. They simply couldn’t distinguish the difference between a monetary system using blockchain, and blockchain being used for something totally different. In this case, when people heard about Zenome, they were skeptical as they thought of it as another cryptocurrency that might be worth it or not. They couldn’t see what this project brought with it, and how it contributes to the future of bioinformatics and our overall understanding of our own species. They could only think of that since it’s blockchain, it’s gotta be something like Bitcoin right? Well, wrong, but we had to explain it to them:

  • The difference between Bitcoin and blockchain:

    See Blockchain as a 3d printer, the one that would print anything you give it to. The first person to use that printer, printed a car, and suddenly people learned about a new printer. Since they saw that the printer can print a car, everyone was using the printer to create cars. Some attempted to create similar cars to the first car printed, others wanted to create extraordinary cars, fast cars, big cars etc. But they were still all cars. And that’s pretty much how 1st generation blockchain projects worked. They were all trying to copy Bitcoin, or at least use the basic principles Bitcoin uses (tokenization etc). Now, second, and most significantly third generation blockchain projects, were way far-ahead of their pre-successors. They weren’t just alternative digital monetary systems, they were decentralized databases, they were decentralized AIs, internet of things currencies, and biotech firms, among others. As long as we visit that printer and keep asking it to print more complex cars, or in some cases even a totally different object, we will start to realize the potential of this disruptive technology, that yet, no one really comprehends to its bone.

  • Determine the right approach:

    In Zenome’s case, we knew that in order to help people realize the importance of blockchain, without linking it to Bitcoin or other volatile digital assets that might turn them instantly away, we had to convince regulatory authorities in the health sector, medical institutions, and ministries of health to take a look at the project and see what they make out of it, and in fact, not they only understood the concept, but they instantly thought that this is exactly what the “digital hand” of the modern health industry was missing.

  • Implementation of the Zenome Platform in the modern health industry:

    We had to convince industry specialists that Zenome not only is important, but it is an unavoidable solution from an efficiency and pragmatic point of view. Indeed, according to the latest GDPR regulations, a doctor is no longer able to call you and transfer your medical results via a phone call, he could be punished with a fine or even lose his job in certain scenarios. Instead, you either have to visit the medical center and request your results on a paper, which is totally unprogressive at best or transfer the medical data under an encrypted form. What is the best solution for encrypted data transfers at the moment? Well, apparently it’s blockchain technology, or in other words, the new European law, actually enables everyone to start using DLTs in their business and everyday life.


One of our main goals was the promotion of Zenome to the broader medical industry, instead of the current DLT/cryptocurrency scene. We managed to achieve that using our links to various media outlets that were interested in future technologies and genomic research and developments.

We are actively helping Zenome get attention on various social media, not as a promoter but as an evangelist of the future. We explain to people why it is important, and how it will help us manage better our personal medical data, and even profit of it, instead of giving it all away for free whether we want it or not (as it currently happens on a worldwide scale).

We are in constant talks the DPO of the Ministry of Health of Greece, Mr. Zografopoulos as well as the think tank of the Ministry of Health of Canada, in order to help them understand the potential the decentralized medical data storage, exchange, and monetization, controlled by the respective users of the data, bring with it to the modern era.


Altruistic Solutions managed to generate a variety of approaches for individual crowds, in order to promote the comprehension of the importance of bioinformatics on a cross-industry scale.

Governmental health institutions and medical organizations are already realizing the potential of the Zenome Platform and are investing in it both economically as well as practically, since their on their way to understand how it works and start testing it.

One of our main roles includes the review, edit and sometimes translation of the initial white paper in multiple languages to make it easier to understand by various cultures in their own fashion.

By the numbers, Zenome showcased significant growth since the beginning of the year:

  • Increased Zenome’s social media impact by more than 25%
  • Decreased uncertainty for the project by more than 50%
  • Lowered the risk for investors by 95% with providing clear and transparent information about the project 
  • Increased stock-price of the ZNA token since the last funding round by 66%
  • ZNA token price in $USD cents
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We were amazed at how fast and easy they understood our project and vision and helped us realize that the future is closer than we think.

Alexey Gorbachev
Founder & CEO, Zenome

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